Next Gen: Future Classic x Dropbox Creative Studio

Dropbox x Future Classic new creative incubator // DNAMAG

Dropbox and Future Classic partners in building a recording studio and series of "creative incubator" events and workshops. Future Classic is a creative team and artist management group with offices based in Los Angeles and Sydney, Australia. The recording and mix studio is tucked in the up-and-coming neighborhood of Frogtown, also known as Elysian Valley in Los Angeles. The Future Classic x Dropbox studios provide two spaces, a room for artists to write, record and collaborate and a mix production room. 

Future Classic x Dropbox studio // DNAMAG

Along with the music studio, Future Classic x Dropbox produces a series of “creative incubator” events. The space is building an artists community that will document and nurture the creative energies of the next generation of artists. 

Future Classic x Dropbox Studio in Los Angeles // DNAMAG

If you’re a creative in LA and want to get involved, get in touch with Future Classic -  Follow the studio at #FutureClassicxDropbox 

*Images via Future Classic