Line To Love: Ganni

Ganni is one of our favorite Copenhagen brands that transcends from the atypical Scandinavian style. Founded in 2000 by art gallery owners who wanted to design the perfect knit cashmere. The brand's creative director Ditte Reffstrup and husband CEO Nicolaj Reffstrup wanted to do things differently to stand apart from other Scandinavian fashion lines. Instead of Nordic minimalist aesthetics, Ganni is for the modern boho who appreciates colors and prints appeal. 

The spring-summer collection keeps consistent with Ganni's tradermark florals along with pinstripe seersucker and mohair knits. The season's collection is themed "Global Citizen" as a response to the world's present need to overcome cultural differences. 

Line to Love: Ganni // DNAMAG

 "I wanted to create clothes for a woman who loves to travel to new places and who has an independent spirit. It’s an upbeat collection, taking cues from 90s sportswear, rave, and the hugely important Benetton ads from the 90s that challenged prejudice and encouraged diversity. I also wanted to work with creatives from around the world, from Stockholm all the way to New York, for a collection that celebrates collaboration and the spirit of international exchange." - Ditte Reffstrup  

Read a full interview with Ditte Reffstrup on Need Supply. 


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