Girl To Know: Tierra Whack

by Breanna Washington

Taking black girl magic to another level comes Tierra Whack, and the world is getting a taste of her “Whacky World”. Full of color, enthusiasm, femininity, originality and just anything but what is considered normal is exactly what Whack’s serving to us on the winning plate. Tierra Whack is just one of the many who are just dipping their hands in the fame jar. Her name alone attracts the wandering eyes and ears, and there’s no surprise why.

Whack won her first Grammy for best music video this year and it was well deserved. The originality just seems to spew from this brain of hers, and she’s proud of it. Why shouldn’t she be? The level of respect held in the female artists community right now is inspiring to the youth and women all around, not only to rise to the occasion but to truly be yourself. These women are constantly lifting each other up and encouraging their differences which makes room for growth in people like Tierra herself.

Tierra Whack photo: Maria Jose Govea

Imaginative and daring, could best describe this wild child’s style. The bold sherbert colors and versatility take another turn when it comes to Tierra Whack. This girl knows what she’s doing from shattering color-blocking theory to layering textures nobody would think of lay a finger on. Her outfits are statements that reflect her individuality and creativity, which has landed her covers with all the major magazines and it’s no miracle. Whack is going for the gold, while simultaneously proving that women don’t have to bare it all in order to receive accolades.

Tierra’s style surely influences her music. From songs like Hungry Hippo and her short film titled “Whack World”, you can feel the nostalgia and playfulness she has created in her own little world that she now shares with us all. She’s proof that no matter how different you may seem, you should definitely shoot for the stars because you just may very well end up there.

*photo credit: Maria Jose Govea