Girl To Know: Tallulah Fontaine

Written by Emelia Ho 

While you might be familiar with Purity Ring’s 2016 album Another Eternity, with hits like Begin Again and bodyache, you probably know less about the talented illustrator behind the album’s ethereal cover art. Her name is Tallulah Fontaine, and she is prolific. Fontaine’s body of work ranges from her personal zines and prints, to commissioned illustrations and designs for jewelry, apparel and other merchandise. Working with distinguished clients—some include Vice, Teen Vogue, Nat Geo and Urban Outfitters—Fontaine has been featured in both print and online publications, as well as been part of collaborative artist projects.

Tallulah Fontaine’s design for Purity Ring’s album Another Eternity

Fontaine’s design for Purity Ring’s album Another Eternity

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Work by Tallulah Fontaine // DNAMAG
Work by Tallulah Fontaine // DNAMAG
Work by Tallulah Fontaine // DNAMAG

*Top: Women For the Future by Fontaine about the Women’s March / Left: Illustration for travel and lifestyle magazine, Hayo / Right: Untitled

Originally from Alberta, Canada, Fontaine currently works between her studios in Toronto and Los Angeles. She is interested in observing the people and places around her, which can be seen in how she captures the beauty of everyday life in so much of her work. In her newest zine, Everything Nice, Fontaine brings together natural motifs, abstract design and themes of femininity to portray the divine and winsome quality of private, interior spaces. I was most captivated by one of her scenes of a girl brushing her hair. In this depiction of the simple pleasures of getting ready, she reminded me of both the importance of self-care as well as an appreciation for the transient moments of each day.

'Everything Nice' by Tallulah Fontaine // DNAMAG
Everything is Nice by Tallulah Fontaine // DNAMAG

Scenes from 'Everything Nice'

While she seeks inspiration from her changing surroundings, her personal touches and unique aesthetic are nonetheless woven throughout her vast portfolio. Working with watercolor as well as in pen and ink, her palette consists of soft pastels and heavily features the ever-vogue millennial pink. In its simplicity, her style speaks to many.  Fontaine has a tremendous ability to create a sense of intimacy in all her scenes—regardless of subject—and her art is warm and delightful.

As a young emerging artist in her 20’s, her success is commendable. She doesn’t have a formal art education, but with the support of friends and dedication to her craft Fontaine has been able to pursue a full-time career in illustration. Fontaine embodies what it means to be a self-starter, and how rewarding doing what you love can be. You can view or purchase more of her work on her website.