Girl To Know: Hanne Mjøen

Girl To Know: Hanne Mjøen // DNAMAG

Hanne Mjøen is a young singer-songwriter burgeoning on the Scandinavian pop scene. Based in Oslo, the Norwegian talent has a new single and video, ‘Sounds Good To Me’ a chill blend of melodic pop with 80’s inspired electro-synth. Yet, it also offers the right amount of dance floor remix vibes or solo hip swaying, whichever you are akin to.

Girl To Know: Hanne Mjøen // DNAMAG

The video was directed by Camilo Paredes, produced by Danila Teteren and styled by Alice Wang and shot through different locations in Berlin. ‘Sounds Good To Me’ portrays the parallel lives of two young women from different social classes, a very posh girl versus the grunge rocker. Coming from opposite lives, the rich girl indulges in a game of tennis, whilst the other girl lives her most indie life hanging with friends in her grungy apartment. Neither of the girls come without problems it seems. Much of the storyline was conceptualized by Hanne, her confidence in artistic direction shows that she comes with a plethora of unique, creative ideas, something to look forward to.

"'Sounds Good To Me' is the most vulnerable song I've released so far. It's a complicated as well as an ironic love story, which addresses both the positive and negative sides of a relationship. Even though the seriousness of the lyrics, it's the most danceable song so far, with mesmerizing beats and floating melody lines, flirting with both modern and retro at the same time." - Hanne Mjøen
Girl To Know: Hanne Mjøen // DNAMAG

Even with Hanne’s soft lullaby voice, parts of the lyrics are emotionally heavy and somewhat transformative. The opening line of ‘Sounds Good To Me’, “You’ll break my heart, a thousand times, can see it from miles away”, the artist has developed her own style that comes from a personal, nostalgic place. This is the kind of honest creativity that a lot of other young women can easily relate to and appreciate.

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Berlin! See you at 9 pm❤️🤙🏻

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