Girl Crush 💘 Puno

Girl Crush: @punodostress via DNAMAG

Our girl crush Puno is better known as @punodostres. She is an entrepreneur, wife, vlogger, collaborator, cat mom and friend to many. If you're ever having a slummy day, just watch one of her 100-something vlogs on YouTube and without a doubt she'll have you chuckling at something. It's an infectious hearty laugh, swift dance moves and a charismatic cat named Maud-Dib that hooks you into Puno's life in downtown Los Angeles. 

Puno is the female entrepreneur that creative girls dream of. She's today's "slashie" where her work life dabbles in web design, digital, video production and social media. Besides vlogging on her YouTube channel, she's the co-founder of, a website/newsletter dedicated to creative classifieds and  an Instagram marketing tool that's all the rave right now with fashion & retail brands. What we love about Puno is literally her personality, her ambitions (and the creative ideas that come with them), her laugh/sense of humor, her sick ass couch, and the free-spirited way she goes about her days. If you watch a few of her vlogs you'll see what we mean.   

*photos via Instagram