Girl Crush 💘 Camille Charrière

Girl Crush: Camille Charrière via DNAMAG

Camille Charrière is somewhere Over the Rainbow, or so that's what she'd like you to think. A clever name for a fashion and style blog, the Parisienne in London is our girl crush for the many reasons we love smart, no fuss women who really understands fashion. 

Camille was bound for a career in law, yet luckily she followed a righteous path to the world of fashion. But, it took a two year stint working in finance for her to realize that fashion was indeed her true calling. She landed an editorial job at Net-a-Porter , which then led to her Instagram fame. Like any good French girl, Camille's chic tomboy ways play into the nuances of French girl style. We love that she carries her own personal style, unlike the hundred Insta-fluencers who wear the same sponsored thing and shoot it in the same exact flat lay. (Oversaturated is the word I'm looking for.) Since Camille is a fashion writer, her quality of content is more original and relatable. Her blog posts do not read like a copy and paste from a brand's tipsheet. Camille's editorial voice comes through as she relates to her wardrobe in an easygoing manner and more often with a touch of laid-back humor. One of my favorite posts is The Granny factor where Camille gave persona to a shoe trend having referred to it as a "dowdy little devil". Her sartorial choices are always on point with the right amount of European "don't care just wear" attitude and now and again dons a beloved pair of vintage Levi's. (For the COTR believers, you know that this is one of her most treasured wardrobe items) 

Camille is ever evolving; this past December she and friend Monica Ainley launched a podcast Fashion No Filter, an insider POV, behind-the-scenes dialogue about the industry. With three episodes under their Gucci belts so far have covered these topics of interests; the game of Instagram, models who inspire them, and the secrets of street-style. Have a listen and subscribe to Fashion No Filter.

Photo credits: via Camille Over the Rainbow, opening image by Aline Velter