Cardi B x Petra Collins Collaborate on "Bartier Cardi" Video

"Bartier Cardi" video by Cardi B directed by Petra Collins

Rapper Cardi B loves the glamorous life, so it's well fitting that she is adorned in fur and jewels in the new video for "Bartier Cardi". Directed by fashion's favorite Petra Collins who is no newcomer to music videos having put her girl gaze style in past collaborations with Selena Gomez and Carly Rae Jepsen. Cardi's fiance, rapper 21 Savage also collaborates on the song and featured in the video. "Bartier Cardi" highlights all the lavish of old school glamour, the kind you'd see in 80's tv shows. In rhythmic trap beat rap, the lyrics fantasizes over her love for diamonds, luxury cars and sex. Cardi B's highly anticipated debut album Invasion of Privacy comes out April 6th. Watch the full video below. 

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