Tokyo Calling - Photographer Cailin Hill Araki

Model turned photographer Cailin Hill-Araki captures Tokyo street-fashion // DNAMAG

Once upon a time all American girl Cailin Hill-Araki was a former fashion model. Now, a resident of Tokyo is a full-fledged photographer. And she's happy about that. I first discovered Cailin's work on VSCO featuring her original (Ex) model blog, Modelburnbook. A Tumblr that started out and still is a journal of her past life as a fashion model. To an outsider looking in, it's very easy to assume that a young girl modeling in foreign countries has it so well, but in reality it's pretty damn lonely. Now is like a beacon of light to girls out there with questions on modeling along with Cailin's thoughts on life in Tokyo and the world in general. These days she immerses herself into the life of film photography. Who can blame her, the storybook streets of Shibuya and sceneries all around Tokyo offers such natural pulchritude when put to 35mm film.  We live in a time where a photographic image can easily be recreated and reshaped, as to cover up something.  Through the lens of her film camera, Cailin can only show an honest view of her version of Tokyo and the people she meets. 

*Photos by Cailin Hill Araki