5 Female Musicians To Know

via Goat Girl

via Goat Girl

Female musician to know: Julia Cumming // DNAMAG



Julia Cumming is the lead vocalist and bassist of Brooklyn-based indie rock band, Sunflower Bean. Founded in 2013 and notable for their hard work while extensive touring, Sunflower Bean’s take on modern day rock-and-roll involves powerful, relatable lyrics paired with elements of psychedelic rock. Cumming’s dreamy vocals address modern-day issues in Sunflower Bean’s new single, Crisis Fest.

“A thousand men in uniform
Kicked down the doors of my concern And stormed the kingdom
To take it's worth
Leaving every stone unturned”

- Crisis Fest, unflower Bean

Not only is Cumming an upcoming figure of modern rock, she also founded political activist project, nger Can Be Power, romoting others to take a stand in their communities and take action for what they believe in.

Sunflower Bean’s second studio album, wentyTwo in Blu, is scheduled for release this spring on March 23.

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Virginia singer-songwriter Sammi Lanzetta writes songs that many can identify with, with topics ranging from feeling inadequate (Anxiety Olympics) to rightfully condemning misogynists (Circles). Lanzetta’s four-song E.P or Avery as released in 2017, with each song being realistic and raw.

“People my age make me anxious
Im floating by while they’re doing amazing shit...
People my age make me nervous, I tense up when they talk about college I wish I went, wish I was a better artist
I wish you didn’t make it feel like it was a contest”

- Anxiety Olympics, Sammi Lanzetta

“How are you such a misogynist?
I’d rather slit my throat than be stuck in a house with you
You think someday you’ll have everybody on your team
You think that you are mighty cause you claim that you quit drinking and you complain about me when I am only one beer in
Someday I just hope you talk to girls the way that they should be treated”

- Circles, Sammi Lanzetta

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Composed of four powerful females with fake names to maintain their mystery- lottie Cream, Rosy Bones, Naima Jelly, and L.E.D., Goat Girl is one of the indie bands restoring the independent scene back in the U.K. The band believes that empathy is key to the growth of local artists- something that so many other bands fail to admit in hopes of “making it big” without enjoying the process. Goat Girl tells Guardian, “People help each other out. There are no promoters, we put shows on for free.” Clottie’s vocals are cool and badass, backed by powerful guitar riffs in their new single, “The Man” off their yet to be released debut album.

Goat Girl’s first album is scheduled for release this year on April 6.

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Formed in Sweden in 2016, Hater released an E.P by July of that year and finished their first full-length album, “You Tried” in early 2017. Lead singer Caroline Ladahl’s voice is sweet and smooth, and her words linger deep and heavily- like honey, perhaps depicted on the album cover. The album opens with Landahl’s intimate voice on opening track, Carpet, as she repeats the comforting phrase, “ease your mind”, setting the dreamy indie pop tone for the rest of the album.

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S.F rock n’ roll band, Mayya and the Revolutionary Hell Yeah! bring back elements from nineties’ bands Pavement and Built to Spill into a modern day representation as one of those bands who don’t take themselves too seriously- which is always a good thing. Lyrics from their 2017 debut album “Open Minds Open Minds” are spontaneous, fun, and display the band’s personality with a sense of humor. The track “Winter Sun” transports listeners back to a nostalgic, childhood day, with Maya exclaiming, “We’ll have so much fun!” and track “Phone is Dying” creates a mockery of the controversy over smartphones in this generation, “Oh my phone is dying, how will I ever find my friends?”  (photo credit: Amoeba Music) 

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