"Five Dresses" by A.P.C.

A.P.C.'s Creative Director Jean Toutou launches a new capsule collection, "Five Dresses", which the designer describes to be between his own "ego" and "superego." Loosely structured, made of viscose crepe, the dresses are a touch of Grecian, mythological goddesses. 


"I had a sudden longing to create black dresses using the bias cut technique. It was for two reasons. First, this technique gives them a characteristic drape and gracefulness. My second reason was a little vain: I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it, because this approach is quite complex. Thanks to my design team, I succeeded. I think that these dresses can make women even more beautiful. At the same time, I personally designed accessories to bring the final touches to these dresses."   - Jean Touitou

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