Why I Still Dress Up When I Work From Home

Morgan Lane NYFW / photo by  Aline Velter

Morgan Lane NYFW / photo by Aline Velter

If you're a freelancer, then you're lucky enough to work from home.  As a freelancer-slash-consultant, I relish my mornings when I work at home, because all the focus is there without all the default small talk with office crowd.  No one judges me for that 4th cup of coffee. Generally, my work gets done a lot faster (most of the time). The one rule that I stick to is to never do work in pj's or without a clean washed face. The morning starts off as any other day with the necessary skincare regimen , morning espresso and light brekkie (usually eggs on toast alongside chia pudding) and I get dressed. That's right, I get all dressed up to work a few feet away from my bedroom, not that anyone is going to see me. 

I think it's important, at least for myself that by looking the part you strive more to get the job done right. A look good, feel good mentality.  I have a makeshift work desk at home to instill office vibes sans the foot traffic. And every now and then, there's off-site lunch/coffee meetings. It's a valuable time saver being already dressed for such occasions. The past times I have worked from home, from my bed or couch, in my pj's, it gave me very low motivation. The lazy vibes weren't allowing me to get through the day with accuracy or determination. Simply ,getting dressed means getting what you need to get done. 

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