Living Closer with Wildist

Skincare review on The Wildist // DNAMAG

Written by Alexa Wilson

2018 was a year in which the brands that stood out were the ones that stood up. From kaleidoscopic packaging that could as easily be repurposed as recycled to developing an easy-to-use encyclopedia of ingredients, Wildist is a personal care company that puts transparency, all natural ingredients, and a sense of community at the forefront.

Two stand out ingredients in Soothinger are turmeric and ginger. Turmeric carries both whitening and antibacterial benefits so it helps improve the overall appearance and health of your teeth. Ginger is anti-inflammatory so it can prevent or treat gum related issues. Don’t worry if you aren’t a fan of ginger flavor, it’s subtle with a nice tinge of sweetness. Soothinger is refreshing in a really unusual way. It’s not necessarily cooling, but there’s a somewhat earthy cleanness to it that I really appreciated.

If having that minty fresh feeling is important to you, you’ll probably like Brillimint the best out of the three. It has all the trappings of the classic toothpaste we’re familiar with, but it’s still forward thinking. For starters, it contains ingredients like ginseng, goji berry, and white tea. The latter provides a natural source of fluoride and tannins which work to fight plaque and strengthen the surface of your teeth. The mint taste isn’t particularly strong so it’s not going to really wake you up in the morning, but it still leaves a clean and refreshed feeling. It’s a solid, sustainable alternative to the larger names in the dental hygiene industry.

Dreamomile is kind of like the toothpaste equivalent of Sleepy Time Tea. It’s meant to be soothing and get you ready to settle in for the night. Coincidentally, they also both feature chamomile as a key ingredient for it’s relaxation benefits. Where they begin to split is in terms of activated charcoal. It’s not featured in the tea (which is probably for the best), but it does play a major role in why Dreamomile is such a good product. Activated charcoal lifts plaque, bacteria, and any sort of staining from your teeth. Of the three, this is the one that gave me the quickest results. I already noticed a difference in the whiteness of my teeth by the morning. Brillimint and Soothinger both gave me on par results with what I’m used to with other toothpastes which is really impressive for containing all natural ingredients, but Dreamomile made my teeth brighter than usual.

This one is so good. Like, surprisingly good. I had doubts because of the countless horror stories I’ve heard about natural deodorant actually making you smell worse. Wildist’s Tangellow deodorant just completely destroyed that myth for me. It applied smoothly, never stained my clothes, and smelled incredible. I’m partial to citrus scents, but, even if you aren’t, this one isn’t overpowering and even has a slight sweet smell to it. The moisture and scent control aspects of this product lasted all day.

*Thank you Wildist for sponsoring the products for review