Why Vintage Matters in Streetwear

Why vintage matters in streetwear ... vi aDNAMAG

Women in streetwear is always an intriguing topic of discussion for us. Not just because we love streetwear, but when you also put vintage into the mix, it's a match made in heaven. Sara Gourlay is the Creative Director of Frankie Collective, a vintage sportswear brand made by women for women and she is bridging the gap between women's apparel and men's streetwear. The two should have married a long time ago. For instance when I was ten years old and my favorite item of clothing was my brother's Ralph Lauren Chaps sweatshirt, which I stole from his closet at least once a month. Gourlay began vintage/thrifting at age 13 years old in her hometown Vancouver, soon enough acquired a vast collection of 90's sportswear pieces from Umbro, adidas, Calvin Klein and FILA. She began reworking them to create a more modern take for girls to wear them. That's what Frankie Collective does, it takes vintage sportswear and reworks them as womens streetwear. One American designer who's bought into it is Tommy Hilfiger who partnered with Frankie Collective during New York Fashion Week on an exclusive collection that incorporated vintage Hilfiger to today's market. 

In an interview with Highsnobiety, Gourlay talks about how her longtime passion of vintage and streetwear has parlayed into a career and why vintage matters in streetwear. 

*photo credit: @FrankieCollective, FrankieCollective.com