Best of Vlogmas 2016 🎄

via Thats Chic (Vlogmas 2015) 

via Thats Chic (Vlogmas 2015) 

What is Vlogmas? To put it simply, it's fresh video content for every day in the month of December. In the YouTube vlogosphere, Vlogmas is a big deal especially for fashion bloggers who for 31 days straight has to come up with a well edited video ranging from 5 to 11 minutes. That's a lot of work if you think about it. A blogger has to figure out a cool thing to do, eat, talk about, go to, go see and wear for every single day in December and then edit each night just for our viewing pleasure. Not your every day viral extremities, but it's something extra to give loyal vlog watchers and blog readers. Sometimes it can be more entertaining than what's on TV.  Vlogmas is the month to really indulge and give in to your YouTube addiction. The girls we follow all have a great, positive attitude about themselves and what interests them and it's a nice peek into their everyday lives - at least for a month.

Since we were totally disheartened when Rachel Nguyen of Thats Chic announced on Twitter that she would not be doing Vlogmas this year (😞), this gave us a chance to explore other vloggers. But, you should still follow Rachel's YouTube channel for her creative content on beauty, skincare, fashion, travel and you can even catch up on her 2015 Vlogmas and #31daysofthatschic from this past summer. 

For now, here's our favorite vloggers who are giving us good vlogmas. 


I've been following Estee Lalonde back when she was Essie Button. She's my favorite Londoner, even though she's Canadian, but through the years I've enjoyed watching her grow from a blogger, vlogger and now to a published author of her debut book Bloom. Estee has a way of instantly making you feel at home in her home, mainly her kitchen that she shares with her boyfriend Aslan and their lovable greyhound Reggie (a.k.a. Cash Register for the die hard watchers). Her career has sky rocketed and there's loyalty pride within me since I've watched her grow on YouTube. There's also a ton of relationships goals in her channel. ❤️


Claire Marshall is one vlogger that I fell in love with by way of her friendship with our girl Rachel Nguyen, who from time to time does cameos on the channel and vice versa. If I were to meet Claire, I'd want to give her a hug as a thank you and to show sisterly love to a girl that is just going through it. If you watch her channel, you know everything that I'm talking about. Courage. That's Claire, but she's also witty, ambitious, a great mom to her cat Bruce, a good friend and completely honest and puts it all out there. If you need some valid inspirations, you need Claire in your life. And she's an ace when it comes to beauty tips and recommendations. 


Jess is a 21-year-old vlogger attending uni at Edinburgh studying English Literature. She caught my eye by way of her perfect cat eye and perfectly tousled lob. With a penchant for YSL bags, it's fun watching her live university life with two flatmates and on her many travel excursions like backpacking through South America. 


Sharla is another blogger that I've been loyal to since the beginning. Not only does she fit all the requirements for all my Tokyo obsessions, but it's always interesting to observe an expat assimilate on a daily basis in a foreign country (Sharla is from Canada). We share the same taste in ramen, so if we were to ever meet I'm sure that we'd get along just fine. 

*Opening image via Everyday Estee