Vintage Is Better

Vintage is better .... // DNAMAG

On a semi-breezy, semi-sunny Saturday afternoon stroll along an upper crust neighborhood of San Francisco, our fashion writer Alexa Wilson walked, talked and wore a lot of vintage. Some of her favorite thrift store vintage finds; a gorgeous floor length grey duster coat, a blue wool plaid blazer fitting for a Connecticut country club and her favorite baby pink cashmere sweater that she had snagged from an aunt. 

Vintage is better // DNAMAG

“I got into vintage shopping around middle-school because I grew up around a bunch of malls. I was surrounded by fast-fashion, but I wanted to use fashion as an outlet for my creativity and find pieces that weren’t mass-produced. Vintage shopping was just an affordable way to get really cool clothes that were different than anything I was seeing in the mall or on the street.”

“History and mythology are a couple of things that I’ve always been interested in. I think the reason I like vintage clothing and everything so much also really stems from there. The pieces tell a story and you sort of get the chance to come up with whatever that is yourself. Even if they are a bit worse for wear sometimes, I think that adds something really special. It’s existed, been through the wringer, and now it’s yours.” (US)


"In San Francisco, I love Wasteland in the Haight, Buffalo Exchange on Polk, and 2525 in Hayward." 

Alexa wears some of our vintage earrings, shop DNAMAG (US)