Tina Fey On Women and Power

Tina Fey on the power of women via DNAMAG

Tina Fey received the Sherry Lansing Leadership Award Honoree in Hollywood this past weekend. If you don't know, Sherry Lansing is one of the female studio pioneers in the entertainment industry. When you think of films like Forrest Gump and Titanic, it's because of Sherry Lansing. She is the Oprah of Hollywood, if you're a woman in entertainment, you can't not admire or like her.  Tina accepted and delivered an award winning speech in the best female comedy style that she is so equipped to do so naturally.  She thanked Sherry Lansing herself, of whom she believes to be a good role model for her own two daughters; "You can be smart and powerful and in charge and still comb your hair." 



She also emphasized on what it's like for women in Hollywood describing herself as "PBS pretty". After so many years trying to make it and through the success that she's had, women have to know what power really means:

  • Power means that you will be heard.
  • Power is having a job when you are allowed to go to the restroom whenever you want. 
  • Power is having proven yourself enough that people say yes to you when maybe they don't want to. 
  • Power is having the freedom to say no to something you don't want to do.

As women in any field or industry, we can take so much from Tina's speech. She ends it on aspirations to encourage other women to reach for that kind of power and vowed to be a support system to the new generation. And if that doesn't get you revved up with creative mojo, Tina sums it up in one sentence, "My goal is to be Beyonce." Same Tina, same. 

Watch the full speech below.