Watch Solange's New Video "Way To The Show"

Watch Solange's new video "Way to The Show"  //  DNAMAG

We’re still in hype mode of the release of her fourth album When I Get Home. Today Solange released a new video, self directed and styled by Kyle Luu. The album is inspired and in homage to her hometown of Houston, Texas and this time around the artist feels at her most confident, inside and on the outside. Nostalgia in rhythm with Solange’s creative intuitions, When I Get Home is comfort food for our female empowered souls.

Watch Solange's new video "Way to The Show"  //  DNAMAG

Solange makes music not for trends, but for solidarity. Her stylist Kyle Luu told British Vogue, “We always want to work within our community.” She is the artist’s artist, collaborative in all terms and never competitive or constrained to topping the music charts. Solange creates with and for female unity, inspired by her past and present, whilst motivating our future.

Solange music video "Way To The Show"  // DNAMAG