Shopgirl: Sarah Wiener of Outdoor Voices

Shopgirl: Sarah of Outdoor Voices // DNAMAG

The first in our series where we spotlight rad girls working in cool storefronts. They say that the shopping mall is a dying breed, and although we can't confirm that, it's the boutiques and shops that keeps a community alive and well. So first up we introduce Sarah Wiener who works at Outdoor Voices in San Francisco's quaint, picturesque Hayes Valley neighborhood. 

Interview by Madeleine Cotton

DNAMAG: What do you like about the neighborhood? 

🍊 Sarah Wiener:  Hayes Valley is such a friendly and peaceful neighborhood! There is such a strong sense of community engagement, especially on Hayes street, where the OV shop is located. On an average Saturday, you can find the street bustling with joggers, yogis, dog walkers, and ice cream fans alike all enjoying their weekend, and nice weather if we are lucky! Sometimes, we are even blessed with the presence of an occasional street fair or food truck rally. From the unique retail shops, the amazing food, or the quaint but adorable Patricia’s Green park, Hayes Valley is a hidden gem in the heart of San Francisco. We love our neighborhood, and our neighborhood loves us back.

Outdoor Voices has coined the term “Recreationalist” – describe the atypical woman in San Francisco that fits in with that.

🍊 Here at Outdoor Voices, we’re all about doing things. Doing things for yourself, for the environment, with a friend, or your dog, we strive to inspire activities of all shapes and sizes! We welcome all women all the time, but a true recreationalist lives to get out and move their body. We love a girl who loves to sweat, and we are driven to give them our full-fledged support in being active, no matter the activity!

Shopgirl: Sarah of Outdoor Voices // DNAMAG

What’s an average day of you #doingthings?

🍊 For me, #doingthings starts right when I wake up. On weekdays before classes or work, a brisk walk through Golden Gate park really gets the blood pumping and wakes you up. On Saturday mornings, sometimes I’ll join the joggers club for a morning jog around the city! Joggers club is free and they meet at the OV shop before and after the jog for some snacks and beer to kickstart your weekend. During the day, playing with any and all dogs that come into the shop is something I look forward to, we are VERY dog-friendly at OV. Once in a blue moon, I’ll dedicate a night-time Soul Cycle sesh in the Castro with my coworkers to squeeze in a good sweat before the day’s end. (US)
Shopgirl: Sarah of San Francisco's Outdoor Voices // DNAMAG

What are a few of your favorite pieces?

🍊 This is so hard because I truly love everything, but the stretch crepe pants, anything CloudKnit, and the textured compression 7/8 Springs leggings are my top 3 absolute favorites. The stretch crepes are fantastic, and bend ANY direction you bend- and you can wear them to a business meeting! The CloudKnit sweats set is indescribable. Think the softest, most amazing material you’ve ever felt in your life, then wrap yourself in it. Textured compression is a classic OV material. The Springs, in any color, are literally so flattering. They really hold everything in and the colors are so much fun! You can also wear them for almost any workout.

Shopgirl: Sarah of San Francisco's Outdoor Voices // DNAMAG

Did you instantly want to work at Outdoor Voices? 

🍊 I first heard about Outdoor Voices when it kept coming up in conversations with my friends and even acquaintances. When I saw the “Coming Soon” sign in the shop window in Hayes Valley, that’s when I really looked into the company and fell in love with what they stand for. I wanted to be a part of something that was good for the environment, inspired  healthy activities, and empowered women, and OV encompasses all of that and more. I was so blown away by the importance of community engagement and customer happiness that we carry through the brand, I really love what I do and who I do it with. It’s really the most amazing environment to be a part of,  I am so lucky I have my OV fam!

Shopgirl: Sarah of Outdoor Voices // DNAMAG

What are some of your favorite weekend spots in San Francisco? 

🍊 Where do I start! Every neighborhood has their own classic, I usually rotate depending on the weather. Land’s End is so beautiful and great for a hike to catch the sunset,  Ocean Beach is equally gorgeous and so relaxing to have a picnic. After a morning at Ocean Beach, I normally top it off with a smoothie bowl from Judahlicious- a personal favorite breakfast spot. I picnic a lot, I’m currently picnicking my way through the city. The Fort Mason field in the presidio is a lot of fun as well on a nice day!






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