Review: URUOI Skincare

Review of Uruoi Skincare via DNAMAG

Uruoi is a Japanese word that means moisture, blessing or fulfillment, which this skincare line is perfectly named after. URUOI Skincare lives up to all three as it brings moisture, blessing and fulfillment to my skincare routine. The Japanese brand’s formulation of its proprietary DENKA PURE HYALURONIC ACID is designed to help skin retain moisture. I began using URUOI at the tail end of spring when normally my skin suffers from seasonal allergies. Small dry patches would formulate at the bottom of my cheeks and forehead. Since I started using URUOI my face has undergone what I call a “hydration revelation”. No sign of dry spots or patches, and all because I went back to basics with URUOI’s minimalist skincare regimen.

This pearlescent cream is the color of fresh snow. What is magical about this cleanser is that it comes out a cream, then mixed with water turns into a luxurious foam lather and is a perfect step 2 of my double cleansing treatment. You don’t need more than dime size, once it textures into a creamy foam it blankets the skin well. I love that there’s no harsh medicinal scents and you can feel the water and its other natural ingredients seep in while not drying out my skin like other cleansers.
Review of Uruoi Skincare; repair essence

Keeping with the hydration factor, this essence feels rich, smooth and non-sticky like most essences I have tried. Two pumps each for morning and night application. One night I went without serum and moisturizer, because I wanted to see if it does in fact retain moisture. By the morning I was pleasantly surprised that my skin did feel soft and nourished. Although, parts of my combination skin were starving for a little added cream moisturizer, but that’s just due to genetics. The only con I find with this repair essence is that it contains propylparaben, that controversial ingredient that’s all the buzz. However, I continued to use it for the sake of the review process and still found it to be a good essence to combat dehydrated skin.

I’ve developed a crush for this moisturizer, a.k.a. moisture milk. A lightweight milk formula and just hearing that, you don’t expect it to soften skin, but it does, and fast. Some moisturizers you have to wait about a good hour, but this moisture milk locks in the hydration upon application. I do three pumps in the morning and two for night routine. This has the same texture as a primer and I actually prefer a primer’s smoothness than how a moisturizer can feel too creamy or thick. My favorite item from the ingredients list is squalane, a hydrocarbon liquid, something I look for in moisturizers since it’s a trustworthy emollient, antioxidant and highly effective for acne prone skin.

All in all, I loved minimizing my skincare regimen with these three URUOI products. There are 6 products total in the collection at very affordable price points. URUOI skincare line is good back to basics luxury products that truly does hydrate the skin and keeps it soft and protected throughout the day and night.

*Thank you to URUOI for sponsoring these gifted products. All opinions and views are based on my own experience.