Review: Lady Suite Rejuvenating Botanical Oil

Review of Lady Suite's Rejuvenating Botanical Oil  //  DNAMAG

I’m not one to make grand resolutions, but I like making promises to myself. And I hate breaking promises. The last few years have played as an intro to my wellness journey. Even though I’m a longstanding vegetarian, I started paying more attention to what kinds of vegetables that my body needed the most of, my plant based diet needed an upgrade. Then my skincare got a much necessary education, less over the counter brands and more all natural, organic products. For 2019 I have vowed to indulge in absolute self care / self love. My promise is to pay more attention to my emotional well-being so that it doesn’t affect my physical health, and it goes vice versa. Then I realized that the one part of me that’s always neglected when it comes to actual wellness, is my private lady part.

Yes, down there, ME HQ. Lady Suite’s Rejuvenating Botanical Oil is the one product that is taking good care of the most intimate part of me.

If you’re uncomfortable or too shy around the V word, I beg you to keep reading, because there’s nothing embarrassing about taking care of your lady garden. In all transparency I will admit that my vulva (the external skin area that protects your vagina) has been a minor problem area for me the last few years. To be frank, something happens to the outer skin of my intimate area after every menstrual period. Finally, my gyno suggested that it could be an irritation between the menstrual “sweat” and the fabric of my under garments. That was a “duh” kind of moment, because it makes sense. So there you have it, my solution was simple, to invest in better quality period panties. What if that wasn’t enough?

Enter Lady Suite. Similar to the skincare epiphany you feel when you discover the face serum of your dreams, the Rejuvenating Botanical Oil is that, but for your vulva. Its sole purpose is to provide a softer, smoother and healthier vulva. There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking care of down there. In fact it’s highly important to maintain a healthy vulva to prevent ingrown hairs, better grooming, provide more padding for normal wear and tear from working out, sports, sexual activity, wearing skinny jeans, harsh laundry detergents, wearing the wrong underwear and of course the miracle of birth.


  • Tamanu Oil and Eclipta Prostrata Extract: gives healing and moisturizing effects and soothes minor skin discomfort like chaffing, razor burns and ingrown hairs

  • Meadowfoam and Carrot Seed Oils: imparts natural firming and toning along with high antioxidants and vitamins A, C and E

  • Organic Jojoba and Sesame Seed Oils: help support healthy skin elasticity and suppleness

DOES NOT CONTAIN: parabens, phtalates, GMO’s, petroleum, silicones, sulfates, carcinogens or artificial colorings and fragrances. Dermatologically tested and meant only for use on the vulva area (do not insert or apply in the vagina).


I’ve been applying it everyday, if not every other day, right after a hot shower. It only takes a few seconds. I step out of the shower, pat my intimate area with a dry towel (you can apply it when wet, but I just prefer being able to feel it moisturizing). Then I apply 2 dropperfuls to my fingertips and massage it onto my vulva, including the inner and outer labia. (Don’t be shy or insecure about the defining areas, this diagram helped me out) And that’s it! Basically, it’s like a perfect serum for your vulva.

I’ve had two period cycles and since using Lady Suite Rejuvenating Botanical Oil, I’ve noticed a difference in how smoother, cleaner and softer I feel down there and most importantly, no more irritations! I highly advise women of all ages to give this product a try and see if and how well it works for you. Our most private part doesn’t have to be a taboo topic. Instead if there were more open, responsible discussions on how to take care and groom our “lady garden”, then a teenage girl wouldn’t have to be afraid or embarrassed to ask questions. This is an inexpensive, thoughtfully produced, easy to apply daily, organic skincare product to add to your self care / wellness regimen.

Thank you to Lady Suite for sponsoring the product.

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