How To Decompress Pre-Fashion Month

It's bad enough that Mercury Retrograde RSVP'd this season. Release any and all stress prior to a busy, non-stop fashion week-slash-month. Refresh and relax your mind. 

"September is the January of fashion." 
- Candy Pratts Price, 'The September Issue'

NETFLIX AND CHILL This Labor Day weekend if you're not busy bathing under the sun or bbq'ing with friends, go ahead and binge away. We highly suggest 'Stranger Things', 'The Get Down', 'Peaky Blinders', 'Begin Again', 'Gilmore Girls' and 'Love'. Or if you need pre-fashion week inspo; 'Iris', 'Mademoiselle C', 'Dior And I', 'Jeremy Scott The People's Designer', 'Fresh Dressed'. If you just want to laugh your ass of, 'Aren't You Embarrassed' is what we have on repeat. 

PLAYLIST  For your pre-game mentality. We have just the playlist for you (scroll below). 

SPA DAY BABY What's more relaxing than a deep exfoliation scrub and a massage? Book it now.

EXERCISE  Time to put use to that gym membership, especially if your facility has a sauna. Ahhh pores....

MEDITATE  You time. The rest will follow. Namaste.

EAT HEALTHY  Let's not lie, we foresee 2am pizza slices in your near future. 

UP YOUR BEAUTY REGIMEN Yes, we know the thought of a 10-step Korean beauty routine sounds horrific, but it's actually not. Try it out and most likely you will see some change to your skin. Here's a beginner's tutorial and we love Memebox for all things Korean skincare. (*Check out their rad Labor Day Sale

SPEND TIME WITH FRIENDS  If you work in fashion, you will not see your non-fashion friends for at least 3 weeks. Send out that text for a brunch meet-up stat. 

Photography by Aline Velter (opening image: Babyghost FW16)