Every Girl Counts: Chromat FW18

Chromat FW18, NYFW // DNAMAG (ph: Aline Velter)

Age is just a number. Size is definitely just a number, and one that you really can't depend on since it's the stages you go through in life that define you. The size of her waist or chest could never amount to who she really is and is capable of. Designer Becca McCharen of Chromat might has well have invented the word carefree, her collections always come with a thoughtful message whether it's putting technology through the wearable test (in past seasons) and fall-winter 2018 is all about no f*cks given (I got my Cheetos, I'm good thanks as depicted on the runway). Inclusivity and body positivity are not new attributes to Chromat, nor is it a problem. Although it is a rising challenge for so many other designers. We love that McCharen doesn't abide by "what will the critics think", she designs for every woman no matter what she's going through. This collection puts every kind of girl in a swimsuit where only good vibes are the outcome.

*photo credit: Aline Velter