What You Need For A Great Nighttime Skincare Routine

It's been said a million times, but maintaining a nighttime beauty routine really is essential to keeping your skin healthy.  I know from personal experience that it's hard to stick with a routine after a particularly tiring day/night, but it's really worth it!

While you're catching some well deserved z's, your cells are still putting in the work to regenerate themselves after all the damage your skin encounters in the day. Although your body will make sure this happens no matter what, having a good nighttime skincare routine will optimize this entire process and give you that consistently glowy, refreshed complexion. Not to mention, molecules called free radicals build up on your face as a result of daily stress, air pollution, smoke, alcohol, etc. which break down your natural collagen and can cause premature aging if they're not washed away.

So with that being said---let's make 2017 the year of intersectional feminism, getting sh*t done, and clear skin ✨


Darphin / Aromatic Cleansing Balm with Rosewood

Makeup Removers

Dermalogica / Multi-Active Toner

Sunday Riley / Tidal Brightening Enzyme Water Cream

Written by Alexa Wilson

Image via @jujujuxiaowen

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