5 Ways to Wear Metallics This NYE

New Year's Eve is undoubtedly *the* night to go full on flash--silver and glitter abound. Although avoiding clichés is always a good thing, I can't help but think it would be a terrible way to start the new year without at least one sliver of metallic. So in honor of that sentiment, here's 5 ways to wear metallic this NYE:

TOPSHOP / Metallic Cami Dress

Go a touch more formal in this metallic cami dress. It really is just so pretty to me--the deep hue, the ever-so-slight twinkle of the fabric, the pleats that surely give a great effect in motion. Plus, this was a huge year for baring shoulders so it only seems appropriate.

TOPSHOP / Flared Sequin Sleeve Top

Take a cue from Studio 54. Topshop's flared sequin sleeve top has the silhouette that Bianca Jagger would be proud of and will do nothing less than ensure you stand out from the crowd however you choose to style it. I suggest going full disco ball.


TOPSHOP / Gold Leather Skirt

Stay in the lines. An a-line skirt is a great shape to integrate metal tones with. This gold leather skirt is such a simple, classic form that it can go with almost anything.  Likewise, the material prevents the skirt from looking like you're wrapped tin foil (which is a potential danger of many metallic pieces).

TOPSHOP / JAGGA Round Heel Shoes

Put your best foot forward. One of the easiest pieces to experiment with sartorially is footwear, so you can incorporate that ever necessary metallic flare into your look with Topshop's round heel shoes. Plus, this particular pair go great with jeans or a dress so you can cycle these through all your holiday get-togethers.

TOPSHOP / Metallic Pyjama Shirt

Stay comfy. This one's for every girl who'd rather be in their pajamas than freezing her ass off. Pair this pajama top with trousers, don't button it up all the way, and voila!

Written by Alexa Wilson