New-Era Artists To Follow On Instagram

by Cassandra Chum

We are all aware of the power Instagram holds, for better or for worse. Instagram has become a bustling and compelling hotspot for self expression, and a platform for creatives to launch their careers. Vogue has even referred to Instagram as the “world’s most talked-about new art dealer.” With an explore page full of content and an ever changing feed, we are constantly taking in new material. Here are a few contemporary artists to follow to bless your feed and get you inspired.

Surrealist illustrator from South Korea storytellling in black and white. Shop prints.

Lisa Golightly is a painter from Portland, Oregon. Her work revolves around memory and how snapshots shape, influence, change and even create memory.

David Steinbeck is a “contemporary original” graphic designer working with neon and pastels.


Toronto based painter capturing human form and emotion.


Frank Moth is an anonymous art duo out of Athens, Greece collaborating and creating “nostalgic postcards from the future.”