Make It A Mini

Mini bags are so hot right now ...

Alright, I’m the kind of person who stuffs her bag full of things I “might need”. Sunglasses in the fog, berets during a heat wave, almost every lipstick I own--yup, definitely ~essentials. Although you can never be too prepared it seems, there’s also a beauty to restraint. If that’s something you also struggle with in terms of even just packing your daily bag, then why not try out a mini bag? Their size means you can only really bring the bare essentials which is actually an awesome practice. There’s no room for clutter and it’s a reminder to cut down, simplify.

So for those who have minimalism down pat or you’re just tired of looking for the one item you need in a sea of items you don’t--make it a mini 🎒

M2Malletier / Euse Mini Bag

Cult Gaia / Acrylic Ark Mini Bag

Written by Alexa Wilson

Opening image via Jacquemus

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