All The Shine

Looking awake/human/alive when I'm feeling the exact opposite is a little victory that deserves some celebration. That's why luminizers are a great tool to have in your non-lethal beauty arsenal for when you desperately need to fake a healthy glow. You don’t even need to commit to strobing, just dabbing a bit in the inner corners of your eyes and underneath the brows is enough to get a subtly luminous complexion.

The only drawback for me about highlighter in general is that I hate the feeling of having makeup on my skin. My pores just feel suffocated if I do more than a cheek stain, but Juice Beauty's Phyto-Pigments Flash Luminizer is so lightweight that you can't even feel it. It's pretty subtle in most ways and works best if you're aiming for that dewy sheen. 

The cool thing that I noticed while trying out the Flash Luminizer is that the glow intensifies the longer you have it on. Juice is all about organic beauty so they use coconut oil which doesn't just make you look more hydrated, it actually moisturizes your skin as you wear it. They also substitute dyes for plant derived pigments. I saw a video recently where someone said that you need to treat your skin like it's a delicate fabric and be gentle with it, so the ingredients they use in their products are something I really appreciate. It's nice to know that you're not putting a bunch of harsh chemicals on your face so you can channel your inner wood nymph with a bit more peace of mind.

Each tube comes with two shades. My favorite duo is golden-bronze because it just gives this perfect warm, summery glow to your skin. For a more pearlescent effect, the cream-marigold duo reflects light beautifully.

Written by Alexa Wilson