It's A Small World πŸ“·

This series is called 'It's A Small World' taken by photographer Elena Chen during her travels to Italy and Iceland. As a collector of travel quotes, two come to my mind when I look at these images. One is by Rumi, "Travel brings power and love back to your life." This well defines what travel is for many people thirsty for adventures. Then there's a quote by a Danish writer, Peter Hoeg; "Traveling tends to magnify all human emotions."  Visiting foreign lands and experiencing different cultures brings all sorts of feels. When we remove ourselves from everyday life and allow other parts of nature and people to surround us, it awakens something in us. Through her journey, not only did Chen capture the majestic beauty of these natural landscapes, but through lens caught the exact moment of her personal emotions. 

I was completely taken aback by how humbling it was to be in the presence of nature and amongst people who respected her.

View more images from her travels through Iceland here.  We look forward to more inspiring visual contributions by Elena Chen, be sure to  subscribe.

We also picked her creative brain on an important topic:

What are 3 favorite apps πŸ“±on your phone and why? 

  • Whatsapp: for its ability to bring close to me anyone who's far from me through text, visual media and AUDIO recording. Audio recordings are pockets of intimacy.
  • napchat: for its starking portrayal of everyone with reality, no one is less perfect than on Snapchat, and more beautiful because of it. 
  • Pinterest: because I need always to be curating my own little catalog of beautiful things to keep inspired. 

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