The Best Way To Predict The Future Is To Invent It

This day going forward we have to believe in ourselves and each other. We have to support each other in more meaningful ways. When one of us achieves, we have to cheer you on and celebrate every victory. The future IS female, but it is up to us to invent that future.


Invent the Future via DNAMAG

LOLA is revolutionizing the quality and safety of feminine care. This affordable subscription service sends you one to two boxes pending on preference to arrive before your cycle begins. Your purchases with LOLA matter to a lot of other women, because the brand gives back to millions of low-income women in the U.S. who are not equipped financially to put their personal care first before family. Tampons are the most requested items at homeless shelters, but are the least often donated. 


CoderGals is building the future as you are reading this. An important organization where female high school mentors teach elementary female students how to code through free after school workshops. Their mission is to encourage young girls' interest in coding through creative and collaborative projects. Coding opens up a world of endless ambitions so that young girls can start planning their empires and hopefully doing exactly what they love. 


Tell stories, photograph it, talk about it, share it with others. The main passion of Girlgaze is all that as they curate creative images captured by the female eye. Defying the gender roles of yesteryears, Girlgaze takes on the feminine mystique and exposes female talents. 

Invent the Future via DNAMAG


You do not have to actively be a feminist to support feminism. You do however, need to believe that every woman deserves equal rights and full ownership of her physical body and mind. Simple as that. Nova Magazine was an infamous feminist publication from the 60's that relaunched in 2000. It featured stories on the pill, the sexual revolution, abortion, religious and political theories. You know, things that all women care about. Although it only lasted one year after its relaunch, we should learn from the past and see how the voices of yesterday can inspire the voices of tomorrow. 

The Wing is a social community for women who want to share ideas, collaborate with other females and a safe, comfortable workspace. Headquartered in New York City, we can only hope that The Wing expands to various cities as it's a much needed creative and supportive respite for passionate working women. 

by Marilyn Minter

by Marilyn Minter


Every woman has a story to tell. Think about a young Patti Smith making her way through New York City trying to get the words of her poetry read. Learn about how Marilyn Minter, the bitch feminist of the Warhol era, because she used art to voice out her activism. Feminists of the past learned from feminists of the past. It's their struggles, their voices, their words that are still unfortunately relevant to our world today. They never gave up, so why should we? 

Now we have all this technology and social platforms at our demise. Go invent your future now.