Generation G 👋

Written by Alexa Wilson

I would consider myself a lipstick connoisseur...or hoarder--it's your call. I can be carrying anywhere between three to eight tubes in my bag at one time. When friends ask to borrow lipstick, I light up in a way I usually reserve for those moments when I find the vintage bag I know I'll be using all season or when I remember that matcha lattes exist.

Glossier is *the* purveyor of cool girl cosmetics so you know they're gonna deliver the goods. The goods here being Generation G, matte lipstick that somehow works on everyone. Calling Generation G a lipstick doesn't feel totally accurate. It goes on and feels like a tinted balm but has the finish of a lip stain.

There's six shades which range from your-lips-but-better (Cake) to bright red (Zip). I tried out Leo which is a warm cocoa shade. It's really clever because it's flattering on everyone. For lighter tones, it's a subtle throwback to the brown lipsticks of the 90's; but for darker tones, it's a perfect nude tone. I also really like to use Leo as a cheek stain to give my face some matte warmth.

All the shades of Generation G go on sheer so they give you a touch of color that looks lived in even after just being applied. I really like that blurred effect because it's super casual and great for everyday wear. It isn't high impact, but it is great if you want a low maintenance go-to for an effortless everyday look. But who doesn't want that?

*Thank you to Glossier for sponsoring these products. 

*Opening image via Glossier