Girl To Know: Zombie Chang

Zombie Chang is like the eclectic, Japanese version of Grimes. Real name Meirin Yung, she attributes her music to being anti-folk, anti-EDM and instead is a synthesized pop dance reminiscent of 1980’s new wave movement. Her 2013 mini-album debut of Atashi wa Nan Desu ka was actually more folksy, but her 2015 album Koi no Vacances E.P marked her initial foray into electronica.

Girl to Know: Zombie Chang via DNAMAG

It wasn’t until her 2017 album Gang that Zombie Chang really gave into J-POP and DTM (Japanese ‘computer desktop’ music). Another kawaii term is tofu beats. In April 2019, Zombie Chang released a new song, “Saredo Shiawase” a jumpy 80’s dance jam with an architectural mood board of a music video (scroll below). I dare you to not play on repeat.

Girl to Know: Zombie Chang