Girl To Know: Joy Crookes

by Breanna Washington

London’s newest sweetheart, Joy Crookes, has taken a new spin on what it means to be poet. At 20 years old, Joy has managed to swoon many with her musically inclined taste for sound and lyricism. In the new world of meshing bedroom pop, indie, jazz, folk, hip hop and punk, emerges a new sound entirely. Just like many young creatives of this generation, Crookes does not want to be boxed in by her sound or genre she chooses to release during the passing phases of her life. It’s easy to understand why when she has grown up with such a wide variety of music. From classical jazz to indie, she has made all the sounds her own. And we’re here for it.


While being compared to the immortal vocals of Amy Winehouse and Lauryn Hill, Joy states, “it’s the highest compliment to be compared to them both, but I think it's dangerous territory – particularly for female artists because we’re so easily boxed. I just want to do my own thing.” This rising artist is doing just that by her social media presence alone. Her unique style and grace is easily ranking her points in the Instagram world; sporting natural beauty, London street style and lots of gold.

Joy has just released an EP and it should be on your playlist this month, she’s got it all from spunk to class. She sings about femininity, boys, heartbreak, positivity and most importantly, being okay with outgrowing places and people. Joy Crookes is the new face of claiming your own roots whilst paying homage from where you began. Femininity is becoming a theme with these new artists and it’s something we’re always going to need more of. Whether you’re in the mood to listen to a bop or pull up the sheets and relax, Joy’s EP Perception contains that widespread palette we all search for. Joy Crookes is nowhere near finished, she’s constantly growing and just getting started.

⚡️ @joycrookes

*images via Sony Music Entertainment, YouTube