Girl Band: Hinds

Hinds is an all girl indie rock band from Madrid, Spain formed in 2011. Formerly known as the Deers until 2014 when they were forced to change it, because of another musical band of the same name (sort of, they're actually The Dears. Ok.) Henceforth they became "Hinds" keeping its semi-authenticity, their new name means female deers. Hinds debut album Leave Me Alone launched in January 2016 and their sophomore album, I Don't Run, was released on April 6, 2018

They sound just as how a girl band should, honest, sweet and tough rolled up into one. Hinds is the female garage rock sounds that I've been waiting for and I don't think it takes a lot to market them. The band's image is as cool and easily sufficient to be the female version of say, The Strokes. Girl bands do come and go, but hopefully Hinds will stick together and be the equivalent of U2 for our generation. Hinds is currently on tour (dates here) and if you're lucky enough, can catch them at Beychella (or Coachella for some of you).