Review: Gaelle Organic

Written by Alexa Wilson

Everything about Gaelle Organic is elegant. From the frosted bottle packaging and typeface to the luxurious consistency of many of their products, it feels like you’re really treating yourself to something special. And you are.

Grown out of the idea that beauty begins with wellness and not out of expensive products with grand claims, Gaelle Organic never uses perfumes, alcohol, or synthetic chemicals to garner results. They stick to all natural, organic ingredients like rosehip oil, witch hazel, and Breton sea salt that provide a treasure trove of skin benefits.

With a blend featuring jojoba and grapeseed oil, Gaelle’s Balm Supérieure is an oil based cleanser that doesn’t leave skin feeling greasy at all. Grapeseed oil contains vitamins C, D, and E as well as fatty acids which keep skin soft and prevent signs of aging. Jojoba oil, on the other hand, isn’t an oil at all. It’s a liquid wax which closely resembles the oil our skin naturally produces so it’s non-greasy and gets soaked deep into pores.

It’s gentle enough to use day and night, but I personally really liked using it at the end of the day because oil cleansers are great for breaking down makeup and the buildup of pollutants and grime from the day. I don’t usually wear makeup beyond a lip or a lowkey, natural wash of eyeshadow, but I made it a point to do more and really put the product to the test. Applied to dry skin, Balm Supérieure melted everything away in seconds. Leaving makeup on overnight can block pores and lead to inflammation so a cleanser like this that really works hard and breaks down things like mascara and blush is essential for overall skin health. My skin felt clean without being dry and hydrated without being oily. I definitely also noticed that my skin looked firmer.

Although it can be used alone, I like using oil cleansers in tandem with water based cleansers. The double cleansing method is great because oil cleansers first remove makeup and anything sitting on the top layer of your skin then the second, water based cleanser dives deeper to target particular skincare concerns.

Toner can be easily underestimated, or more likely misunderstood. Because it looks and acts so similar to water, it’s easy to think there’s not much to it. In fact, toners like Gaelle Organic’s Toner Supérieure are an essential part of any good skincare routine. Their main job is to prep skin to soak up the next step more effectively, but they also help to balance your skin’s pH level (an out of balance skin pH results in inflammation and acne).

Gaelle Organic is all about crafting powerful products without synthetic chemicals so all these benefits come from nutrient rich, organic ingredients. Rose water and apple cider vinegar keep those pH levels in check. Witch hazel and elderflower are natural astringents that refine skin texture and give you a brighter complexion. While ingredients like aloe vera and peppermint oil soothe and rejuvenate skin. All of these combine to make an exceptional toner that equally firms and softens the skin.

Because it doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals or alcohol, it’s incredibly soothing and you get a jolt of refreshment right away. The scent is really subtle, it reminds me of lychee’s subdued sweetness. There’s something really cathartic about patting it into your skin and getting that clean feeling. Pores are one of my biggest struggles when it comes to my skin, but this toner seems to help clear them out and reduce their appearance. If you are on the quest for luminous, honey skin, I think you’d really like this product. Applying moisturizer or facial oil afterwards feels super hydrating and leaves skin looking dewy and healthy, as if my skin’s taken a huge sip of water.

Through the years, exfoliants have been a hit or miss for me. The ones that missed the mark either were too abrasive and left my skin feeling raw or they didn’t have enough scrub to exfoliate as effectively as possible. The ones that worked, I absolutely adored. Gaelle Organic’s Exfoliant Supérieure falls into the latter. It’s effective, but doesn’t leave skin irritated and angry. Washing the exfoliant away reveals fresh, supple, glowy, soft skin. The results are so immediate, it’s definitely going to be my go to product if my skin needs a quick pick-me-up.

It contains Breton sea salt which has a much finer texture than your average sea salts. I actually thought it was sugar before checking out the ingredient list. This is awesome because you get the benefit of the nutrients from the salt without risking irritation that comes along with a more coarse medium. It’s something I’d recommend for just about every skin type, except extremely sensitive skin. My combination skin definitely loves it.

I’ve been using it once to twice a week which seems like just the right amount for me. My skin always looks brighter as well as more even in texture and tone. By removing dead skin cells and other impurities building up over the week, it also helps the efficacy of all the other products as well. The path is essentially cleared so things like toners and moisturizers can get as deep into your pores as possible.

With ingredients like rosehip oil and shea butter, Gaelle Organic’s Body Crème Supérieure is not just luxurious, it’s effective. Rosehip oil is such a nourishing ingredient. Pressed from the fruit and seeds of roses, it’s packed with fatty acids that strengthen skin’s barrier to retain hydration and vitamins A and C to encourage radiant skin. You see shea butter everywhere in skincare, but that’s because it really is that good. It’s not only deeply moisturizing, it has anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, and soothing properties.

This a great after-shower moisturizer. The consistency is incredibly rich, almost like honey. I like using it while my skin is a bit damp because it helps it spread quicker and I just get the feeling that it’s soaking deeper than if it were applied dry.

Over the course of using Body Crème Supérieure, my skin looked smooth and and luminous. Whether I used it on dry skin or fresh out of the shower, it never felt heavy on the skin or like it was just a layer coating my skin. It actually absorb pretty quickly and leaves skin feeling soft and supple all day. This is a moisturizer that any skin type can benefit from. Since it contains ingredients like edelweiss extract and aloe vera to soothe and strengthen the skin’s outer layer, it’s great for people with dry or sensitive skin.

*Thank you Gaelle Organic for sponsoring the products for review