The Feminist's Meme 🚺

Today social media followers are currency, so what would that make a meme? Could a meme be like a carnival ride that you either want to go on again and again or once is enough for you to decide to sit it out. There is a sense of pleasure seeking and comfort zone when someone feels the need to quickly construct one and share it out into the cyber universe. Memes are now part of everyday life, it's as common and satisfying as a morning bowl of cereal. In today's current climate, everyone is a critique, an advocate and a speech enthusiast. Memes have the instant ability to bring out the best and worst in all of us. 

@gothshakira is the queen of meme culture and she just happens to be a feminist. Back in Montreal during a depressing winter, she started to produce up to 3-5 memes a day, 6 days a week. A following began and thus her currency increased. In an interview with SSENSE, she talks about how she uses memes as her voice and what she calls "the perfect medium to transmit ideas." Read the full interview.