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Vestiaire Collective US

One thing I never find myself having time to do is take photos at work. This is what it looks like, usually less sexy. We laugh a lot as a team, but those photos of companies jumping up and down? They’re staged. Building a company doesn’t look like stock photography. It looks like small meetings, big meetings, forgetting to have meetings, forgetting to add the right people to meetings, inviting too many people to meetings, having too many meetings, whittling down your number of meetings, and squeezing agendas painfully into the calendar invites. It means making lists, setting deadlines, checking in, managing our own shit, having autonomy, giving autonomy, and giving direct feedback. It means fucking up and hoping your teammates and your team know that you’re still learning too. For me, it’s terrifying: building a company called @girlboss means we better be THE example, right? I’m trying to be! We’re trying to be! But even though with all the visions, missions, strategies, plans, and to-do lists, so much is out of my control. Listen, I’m controlling a lot more than I did over the last decade of my career, but I still have blind spots. I hope patience from those around me and goodwill fills those gaps until my knowledge and experience does. Great teams are cross-trainers, ready for whatever terrain, even knowing it’s going to get muddy. This is Calvin, our only dude on the team. He’s an extremely talented product designer who’s building, with a single female engineer (hi Jackie!), something exciting for everyone reading this. Yes, dudes too. Ok, back to work! Photo by @dirtsmom

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That one time in Joshua Tree 🌡😴🀲🏽

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New love @maroskepeech πŸ’œ

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