Review: Chuck & Sam Organics

Written by Alexa Wilson

Less is more. It's true when it comes to time spent overthinking and it’s true of the amount of lipsticks you own in only slightly~ different colors. Yet it is most relevantly true when it comes to the ingredients in skin care products. That’s not to say that more ingredients is necessarily a feature that should send us running for the hills, but it’s a great starting point for gauging the quality of ingredients in the mix. Chuck & Sam is a company that embraces this simplicity and we love them for that! They have everything you want from a really great organic skincare line--a cute story of how they got started (they got stellar feedback on homemade lotion they gifted to their wedding guests), a strong sense of transparency (no animal testing and minimal product processing), and an ingredients list that reads like a grocery shopping list (Honey--check. Matcha powder--check. Olive oil--check.).

Narrowing down the products I wanted to try out to just three was a bit of a challenge. If there was one that I knew for sure that I wanted to try, it was The Green Monstah--a mix-it-yourself detoxifying mask made with Bentonite clay (for unclogging pores) and matcha (for rejuvenating skin cells). About once a week, I mix together 3 healthy spoonfuls of the powder with warm water until it reaches the consistency I like. I aim for slightly more on the loose side (kind of like you’d want a cake batter to look) because I find it spreads much easier without being so watery that it drips everywhere or so thick that it’s difficult to work with. As it hardens and begins pulling all the bad stuff out, it definitely has that classic tingling feeling that you’d expect with most masks, but it never feels uncomfortable or like I just can’t wait to wash it off like others I’ve tried. I can see how it could be drying for anyone that struggles with dryness though because the ingredients really do go all in; but, being on the more oily end of the spectrum, I definitely can’t complain. It left my skin feeling taut without being too parched. Revitalizing, brightening, and making visible improvements on my skin texture--it’s a great product. I don’t do masks like this one all that frequently, so I like being able to prepare it myself. I find that if I don’t use up pre-blended masks fast enough, they tend to separate. The fact that you store it as a powder makes the shelf life longer than a pre-mixed mask would last, especially considering Chuck & Sam don’t use preservatives in their products.

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My favorite thing about Chuck & Sam’s Flower Child Facial Toner is the fact that the ingredients aren’t something you just read off a label and take their word for, there’s actual calendula blossoms floating in the bottle. Calendula blossom encourages collagen production to rejuvenate skin, contains carotenoids which protect against environmental stressors, and have anti-inflammatory benefits. Combined with other ingredients like witch hazel which also promotes healthy skin, it doesn't come as a surprise that it shot to the top of my list of favorite toners. You definitely feel it working. There’s a slight astringent quality to it which isn’t harsh at all, but it does leave skin feeling slightly tight while you let it soak in. Because it is so effective and nourishing, I liked using it in the morning before moisturizing without even cleansing. My still skin felt clean and calm throughout the day and I noticed an improvement in my overall complexion.

Providing the golden hue, sea buckthorn oil is rich in vitamin E and amino acids to strengthen skin while also providing soothing, anti-inflammatory benefits. Combined with powerful ingredients like jojoba, rosehip, and argan oil, Chuck & Sam’s Mellow Gold Restorative Facial Oil is incredibly nourishing. You only need a few drops at a time but using more when you’ve got to have that extra hydration boost won’t leave skin looking oily or slick because it soaks into skin so quickly. Thanks to the jojoba oil, this product never made my skin look or feel greasy at all, just the right amount of healthy radiance. It doesn’t sit on top of your skin or feel heavy, it’s lightweight and super effective. My skin felt supple, hydrated, and healthy. Quick side note: the scent is quite smokey. While it just isn’t my personal favorite thing, it is subtle and there’s definitely people that love their smokey, woody scents. Overall, this product is so gentle yet still provides a huge jolt of hydration so I think any skin type could really benefit from using it.

*Thank you Chuck & Sam for sponsoring the products for review

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