First Street-style Icon

Fashion's first street-style star . via DNAMAG

Before there was Alexa Chung, Kendall or Kim, there was the most authentic style icon that walked the streets of New York City --- the late and beautiful Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy. Known around the world as the wife of John F. Kennedy Jr., it was her personal style that people remember about her. It was Carolyn's ultimate refined minimalist style that for a young California girl like me stalking her paparazzi shots in every tabloid, she had represented all that was Tribeca and being that "It" girl. Quite honestly for me,  her marriage to also the late, great JFK Jr. came second, and her street-style was first. She embodied what I wanted to become, style and career wise. I wanted to work in fashion, live in Manhattan and wear a leopard jacket with whatever I had on. So did other girls, I mean ... it's why we wear what we wear now. All thanks to CBK's effortless way of just knowing what looked good. Her iconic wedding attire was my style epiphany. From that first picture, I had decided that I, like Carolyn, would never dress over-the-top frills. Less is always more. 

She was also self-made. Every transplanted New Yorker arrives to the city with the desire to become a better version of her or himself.
— via Town & Country
Fashion's first street-style star .. Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy via DNAMAG

As Tom Ford said of the late fashion icon: “She chooses simple, severe looks that not everyone would wear. She knows how to set off her beauty with clothes. That’s a rare gift."