Ava Nirui & Friends For Marc Jacobs

Ava Nirui an NYC based creative collaborates with Marc Jacobs on a second bootleg line of streetwear friendly hoodie sweatshirts. Designed by herself and some artistic friends whose work she liked on a personal level and who all have a unique design perspective. Nirui wrangled IDEA books, Avi Gold and Julian Consuegra who all contributed their vision to the MJ brand.

For the shoot, they worked with photographer Alex Leese (one of our Girls To Know) and the location was a perfect setting to the creative vision Nirui had for the capsule collection.

"We shot and hung out with 10 youths of Japan over three days, learning their stories and capturing them in spaces that they usually occupy such as skate parks, malls, their homes and city streets. I was moved by these kids' outlook on life — their big picture dreams, the way they inspire each other and their positivity."

All styles have already sold out within less than a few days of its launch, not surprising. These limited edition hoodies will be restocked so it’s worth getting on the wait lists.

Known for juxtaposing high and low fashion and often pop culture-isms, Ava Nirui plays on everyone's favorite non-butter slogan for a cool hoodie. 

Avi Gold is the founder of cult-favorite label Better™ and has long taken inspiration from street culture. This exclusive design pays homage to one of his (and our) favorite pairings: bagels & lox. 

IDEA is a curator of culture and fashion and a longtime friend of the Marc Jacobs brand. This winning design plays off the notion of “value” in fashion in an unexpected way. 

Miami raised Julian Consuegra is the self-taught designer and founder of streetwear brand Stray Rats. For this collaboration he created a dream-like sequence of characters, which represent the connection between imagination and history. 

Photographed by Alex Leese.

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