5 South Korean Vloggers To Subscribe To

My obsession with South Korea began way before BTS . Through the years I’ve been under continuous tutelage by my Korean friends, a kimchi here, a gimbap there. Soon enough, Netflix began to shine a light on its South Korean film and tv series catalog with some impressive selections. (Romance is A Bonus Book is my current binge) Naturally, my curiosity got the better of me and led me to some YouTube channels where pretty cool girls in Seoul were vlogging GRWTM chats followed by an epicurean meal by South Korean standards. It’s been a little over two years now and have found myself hooked on watching these five favorites on rotation. Each offers different points of views of their life in South Korea and offers the viewer a visual of what makes cities like Seoul tick as a big city.

I am so thrilled that a few of my favorite vloggers are starting to have english subtitles. Thing is, even before that, I didn’t have to understand the language to find myself engaged and interested in their videos. The style of the content and the visual quality were enough for me.

Kinda Cool describes her channel as “just trying to make everyday kinda cool.” Ah Young Kim of Kinda Cool already had me there, but also I gravitated very easily to her personal style, decor and her adorable dog Pomi. The film aesthetic of her videos are always accompanied by an impressive and sometimes I find myself jealous of her music tastes. It takes a raw talent to not just film edit, but put in a good and memorable soundtrack.


Okay, so this one might be cheating a little considering Onuk’s channel takes place in Tokyo. However, it’s no difference to me, she lives where she lives, but her flair for her authentic South Korean dishes often mixed with Japanese with a western twist, it’s just really fun to watch. I get most of my meal ideas from her channel, especially breakfasts. Her OOTD’s are my favorite, she’s a big mixer of vintage and minimalist trend. There’s not much I know about the vlogger, although I’ve been assuming that she works either in graphic design or fashion. Onuk if you are reading this, myself, like so many others are waiting anxiously for a Q&A vlog.

I find myself thinking that when I do make it out to Seoul one day, that I’d love to hang out with Cari. The California native who lived in NYC prior to Seoul, has lived abroad for over 4 years now. What I like about her and the channel is that she doesn’t go out of her way to make being an American foreigner living in South Korea an easy thing. Cari is honest about certain challenges and cultural differences that she’s had to overcome and adapt to, but luckily the natural nomad allows her to experience the best things about Seoul. If you’re considering moving to Seoul either for school or work, or even visiting, let Cari’s channel be your tour guide.

I was already hooked by the title and had to see what it was all about. Sarah is Canadian, Kyuho is Korean and they’re a lovely married couple living in Seoul with their most adorable, smart cat Beemo. Their vlogs are half walking tours and eating episodes around Seoul and then Q&A chats usually take place in their tiny apartment. To most of America, the size of their shoebox apartment would deem anxiety, but for a New Yorker, I envied it. Watching Sarah and Kyuho interact almost feels like you’re with them. They’re open with how they live their life, why they don’t want children and represent themselves honestly, which is refreshing. I like their production quality, it’s consistent without too many bells and whistles. Also, I find it amazing that they both film everything in entirety with an iPhone, which proves that you don’t have to spend a fortune to create good content. Lastly, please know that you will always be hungry while watching this channel.


A recent find, and by this point I am in the “have pet, will watch” phase of my YouTube addiction. Sueddu’s Instagram profile reads “The one who wants to do everything you want to do. And feminist.” I find that I relate to her the most, being that she is a freelancer and a creative person just trying to get by every day the best she can. Her videos are filmed in a beautiful gray mood aesthetic, but not to be dismal, if anything it lifts my mood. Good aesthetics will do that to you. I enjoy watching her manage freelance projects and often it gives me ideas on how I can do the same. And her dog Bebe is a wonderful co-star.