5 Females to Watch in Music

Sicky Sab of Pretty Sick ph: Yoshiki Saitoh

Sicky Sab of Pretty Sick ph: Yoshiki Saitoh

The landscape of music is ever changing, there’s more girl bands, new innovative ways to upload music making it easier to discover fresh talents. We’re always in search of the next big thing from New York City to Seoul, here’s 5 that are worth a listen and follow.

Fresh to the scene, 22 year old Tabby Wakes was on Soundcloud’s Artist To Watch List for 2018. Her debut ep “Tabby Night” is an exercise in cynical exuberance. It’s a party anthem that makes you want to pop a bottle, smash your head through a painting or break a guitar.

Not much is known about her via stateside, but she is an emerging K-pop singer from South Korea. A few years ago she was a contestant on a K-pop music competition show and she released some singles out that’s available on Spotify. Her voice carries a light grit that’s almost reminiscent of Nina Simone.


At 23, Freya Ridings hit song "Lost Without You” has been a summer 2018 anthem across the pond. With her first album debuting this year, it won’t be long until she reaches the U.S. charts. Pre-order the album now.

Sicky Sab of Pretty Sick in '5 Females to Watch in Music' / DNAMAG

Real name Sabrina Fuentes and she’s lead singer of the NYC band Pretty Sick. Along with her girl bandmates Ella Moore and Eva Kaufman, although barely legal, they’re already making their mark in the cool indie genre. Their song “Warm Hands” was featured in HBO’s High Maintenance. You may have also caught Sabrina in an iPhone commercial for Apple and ads for Converse and Stussy.

*photo by Richard Kern

19 year-old singer, songwriter and producer originally from Durango, CO now living in Los Angeles. Sophie began her career through various collabs on Soundcloud. Newly released EP Wingspan features demo tracks all written and produced by Sophie. I’m already a big fan of her lo-fi, bedroom pop sound, particularly my new favorite, “Forget Me Not”.