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In homage to the opening ceremonies for Olympics Rio 2016, the header image is the graphic staircase at Opening Ceremony Tokyo. This weekend while you're rooting for your home team and  sunning on the side, relax and check out the weekend links:

Ever wonder what inspires and stimulates Wes Anderson's films? He is truly the artist's director, and I love that he is secure enough to acknowledge what influences him creatively

The new Grimes jam, a cool track from Suicide Squad, listen here.

Don't you think your denim jacket is in need of cool buttons with a witty message? These are almost sold out. 

Harley Weir's new campaign for Pringle Scotland AW16 that was shot on the beautiful Scottish coast.  

The importance of independence ❤️ Another inspiring reminder that you should always do you. In Garance Dore's recent podcast, she sat down with Linda Rodin to reminisce on her early years in New York City and how she became the person she is today. 

photo credit for opening image via @presentandcorrect

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