The Latest In Korean Cosmetics πŸ’•

If it wasn't for the Korean beauty industry, we would not have the all-important BB cream or, my personal favorite, the sheet mask often enhanced by unorthodox ingredients such as bee venom and snail slime. So it comes as no surprise then that LVMH, among other heavy hitters, have been investing in South Korean cosmetic companies lately. Staying ahead of the curve is the key to this serious success and recognition, but it also breeds copy cats. The outpouring demand of their fan-base both locally and abroad has caused Western brands like Kiehl's and EstΓ©e Lauder to recreate similar products.

If you want to stay ahead and on top of what is happening in the beauty industry keep an eye on what is happening in the Korean beauty scene.



Written by Alexa Wilson of Maladroitez

Opening image photographed by Larry Antanasov