Long Live Vintage Denim 💫

There's a few options when it comes to scoring the perfect pair of vintage jeans:

First, you could scour every thrift shop in a ten-mile radius for the pair that ticks all the boxes which is always a gamble.

Second, you could buy new pristine jeans and age them yourself. Although it can be therapeutic to personally fray the hems and cut into the fabric to create the illusion of age, its not the best option for anyone who doesn't trust themselves to essentially chop up their new jeans.

The third option is to shop for vintage inspired denim online or in store. Sure you can't bask in the satisfaction that comes with telling friends that they're vintage when they inevitably ask where you got them, but they look insane which is what really counts. Plus, you can always say they're vintage even if they're not--we won't tell.

Read on to shop the style:

Cover Image via A Portable Package