PS I Love You 💟 Proenza Schouler

The most special and important relationships are those of female bonds. Whether it's a mother to daughter, sister to sister, lover to lover and even frenemy to frenemy, compassion does not lack in any of those relationships. Why? Because women feel everything. Anger, lust, deep rooted honesty, heartache, joy, bitterness, jealous, you name it, a woman feels it all.  So the dynamic is one of heartfelt emotions, no matter what words are being thrown around.  When you're in a rut, or feeling the most despair, it's always a fellow female who's lending a hand. She picks you up, makes you laugh, tells you that color is horrid on you and will tell you to get over it. Female relationships in whatever capacity is always giving without asking. And if you're lucky there is always a wise lesson to be learned. Cherish these bonds, because they're real and like no other. 

Proenza Schouler's short film PS I Love You (Ithigi Lithigove Yithigou) pays homage to a "modern portrait of female relationships".  Directed by Harley Weir, who through her own photography has a wonderful, raw understanding and point of the female view (through lens), the film features friends of the designers as well as people they've admired from afar. This film really celebrates women in a thoughtful way and it allows me to pause and feel grateful for my close female relationships. 

Director: Harley Weir
Creative Director: Jen Brill
Stylist: Sara Moonves
Set Design: Matt Jackson
Hair: Tina Outen
Makeup: Courtney Perkins
Featured (in order of appearance):
Sibyl Buck and Puma Rose Buck, Coco and Ruby Rose Hill, Sarah and Selah Marley, Kembra Pfahler and Christian Music, Carol Kane and Natasha Lyonne, Jade Berreau and Secret Snow, Adele Thibodeaux and Liz Hopkins, and Choichun Leung and Sahara Lin