It's Not Normcore 2.0

Attribute it to their ability to fuse comfort with style or to a certain wildly annoying/popular Vine *cough*damn,daniel*cough*, the sneaker is making the rounds in the sartorial realm. Over saturation is the natural enemy of many a trend (and Vines coincidentally), but the sneaker feels almost like an anti-trend which is actually very on trend with the current attention garnered by Vetements. DHL and ill-fitting hoodies have never been so chic, and I can't help but really enjoy it.

The thing with both the sneaker trend and Vetements' rise in prominence is that they're taking deceptively basic pieces and presenting them in such a way that they look innovative. There really is no going wrong with a crisp white pair of trainers, so it's ripe for creative thinking and styling as is evident via the #ootds of fashion bloggers and Spring/Summer '16 campaigns. It's taking the underlying idea of Normcore which was to wear pieces that didn't exactly scream originality, but it avoids becoming Normcore 2.0 by taking those pieces and styling them in such a way that they can revamp an outfit.