Back When Fashion Was Cool

Back when fashion was really cool a foreign publication bought stateside only cost $4.75.... flashback to a  particular July 1990 issue of The Face. On the cover is a 15 year old model, still unknown to the world as Kate Moss. The late iconic fashion photographer Corinne Day shot the spread and styled by Melanie Ward. This cover launched Kate's career, which almost immediately led to the illustrious 90's grunge driven Calvin Klein campaign. This archive includes two other Corinne Day shots of teenage Kate with her best friend (to this day) Fran Cutler. The organic downplay of this editorial shows that Kate, a newcomer on the fashion scene felt comfortable in her own skin and with barely any makeup. I think that was what Corinne Day captured best from her number one muse. 

P.S. If there was one magazine to resurrect it would The Face.