5 Glasses in 5 Days 👓

Fact: Warby Parker makes glasses you'll actually want to wear. If I knew Warby Parker existed when I was first told I needed glasses, maybe I would have been excited about getting to integrate something new into my wardrobe instead of sighing at every frame lining the walls of my optometrist's lounge. The main problem (besides old fashioned teenaged angst) being the fact that I couldn't envision myself in these random glasses that I would try-on and analyze in a mirror for five minutes at the most. Even worse, finding two pairs or more you really like, but not being given enough time to think over your choice.

Warby Parker's Home Try-On Program takes all the pressure off. Pick your five favorite eyeglasses (or sunglasses!) from www.WarbyParker.com and try them on at your own pace. Send them back after 5 days and place an order for the pair you want. Oh, and did I mention that it's completely free to try out? Because it totally is.

I've been looking to step up my eyewear game for some time now so I decided to try out their Home Try-On Program for myself. I think that glasses can often be an after thought, or seen as a strictly utilitarian item, but they are just as important in defining your personal style as any other item. That's really what appeals to me and so many others about Warby Parker--they've got substance without sacrificing style (and at a good price point). Here's my 5:


Holcomb / Warby Parker

 I chose this pair because I liked that they were reminiscent of that classic 50's cat-eye, but it wasn't pronounced enough for me.

Maynard / Warby Parker

Ok, this was one of my favorites. The angular top is such an interesting modification that it stands out. I actually didn't really vibe with these when they first arrived, but I tried them out around day 3 and I completely changed my mind. This really illustrates why a home try-on program like Warby Parker's is so helpful, sometimes your favorite pieces have to grown on you before you really appreciate them. 

Abbott / Warby Parker

The Abbott frames were one of the styles I was most eager to try and I was not disappointed. I have to admit, they reminded me of John Lennon in the 70's which is a look I'm 100% down to emulate.

Kimball / Warby Parker

The thicker frame of the Kimball is a huge selling point for me. 

Chelsea / Warby Parker

Admittedly the most modern of my choices, but it's still got lots of charm. I was pretty iffy on whether I would look good in/even like transparent glasses so the Home Try-On Program definitely came in handy before taking the plunge with these. Turns out that I both look good in/even like transparent glasses.

What are you waiting for? Get involved in the Home Try-On Program and shop Warby Parker's entire Fall 2016 collection now 👓✨

Written by Alex Wilson of Maladroitez

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