Creative Spotlight: Katie Gallagher

in our Creative Spotlight: Designer Katie Gallagher .. via DNAMAG (Ph: Veselina Tsankova)

Katie Gallagher is an American fashion designer who has always taken the road less saturated with fast fashion and it is working well for her. During pre-New York fashion week mayhem, Katie Gallagher took a few minutes for a one-on-one interview.

DNAMAG: Since the start of your business back in 2009, you've established yourself as a conceptual designer. But, how important is following trends when designing a collection? 
KATIE GALLAGHER: My objective is to create season-less and timeless women's ready-to-wear brand that focuses on unconventional tailoring. I've never followed trends--that's the concept I've been following since the beginning. 

DNAMAG: Does the current climate in America have any influence in your designs or production? If so, do you feel as a designer that it's necessary for a brand to be vocal?
KG: It depends on the designer and what they stand for, what their brand is meant to stand for. Personally, I have no comments regarding politics, publicly. And if we're talking about the weather (ha ha)... No again! With the seasonless concept in mind, I design everything from Fur/leather coats and jackets to swimwear.

DNAMAG: As someone who has been around for awhile now, where do you see fashion as a landscape heading towards? Or where would you like to see it move towards? 
KG: Yes, I love saying that it's been nearly a decade! (9 years and about to show my 17th collection and we're very excited about it!) The most concerning aspect of the fashion industry that I've been noticing and also suffering from over the past couple years is the fall of wholesale and brick-and-mortar. Everything is getting faster and cheaper. For me, "fashion" has never been the end goal. Stories, personalities, moods, ideals and attitudes are. The craft of garment making is being ignored today. I also don't know how some designers sell their garments at such low retail costs. Either they have money to blow and their time is meaningless or it's being manufactured in poor working conditions and their sewers, pattern-makers, cutters, finishers, etc are being taken advantage of. I don't know. 

DNAMAG: What was your last indulgence?
KG: I bought the Egg Bowl at Dimes for breakfast/lunch today. Dimes is so expensive and so...speaking of trends! But I felt that I had to be healthy post Pilates.

DNAMAG: Any pre-fashion week rituals?
KG: I sleep way less, work out way more, buy at least 2 pounds of candy corn to be in a bowl backstage and send my team emails constantly about everything and anything.

In early spring in the city, quiet rain cracks the thin layer of ice that covers the grass and sidewalk. Fog lifts. Sun creeps through thick clouds. Everything is baby blue and black, illuminated by a dull, milky light. In her Spring/Summer 2018 collection, RAIN, Katie Gallagher explores the moods and energies that emerge as seasons shift.








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